Thursday, April 25, 2013

twenty two.

The weekends get so busy for us and it's hard for me to find the time to update the blog. I am currently on day 11 of the Whole30 and doing awesome, if I do say so myself. 
The last day I updated was on Friday, which would have been what I had eaten on the previous day, Thursday. It's now been a week!! We've eaten a lot of yummy food and also a lot of the same foods. I have found what I like to eat in the morning and kind of eat it every day or most days. For breakfast I eat a lot of scrambled eggs with mixed organic baby kale's and baby spinach. I usually have a little fruit with it or other vegetables and occasionally a monkey salad. 

I have also discovered that I really like sweet potatoes pan sauteed in coconut oil. They're delicious and the best way I've ever eaten sweet potatoes!
Over the weekend W took care of cooking all the meals and surprising all of us girls. It was nice to have him home to do some of the extra cooking. When you're cooking 3 meals a day everyday it can get a little exhausting, especially trying to think of different things. I'm pretty certain that's why I tend to eat some of the same things over and over. Once I like them and can't think of new things then I might as well eat the same stuff, right? 
I won't put all of the meals we've eaten on here, although they are on our instagram account, but I will post pictures of some of my favorites. He got a few different recipes off the website: Paleo Plan

W made this Mediterranian Chicken
 sides:  asparagus and strawberries
Comments: This was a delicious dinner! Everyone loved it and wished
there was more of it! We will definitely be making this again. 
This is pretty much my breakfast every day
Organic free range eggs with organic baby greens (kale & baby spinach)
and a side of a little fruit
Comments: I have found that this leaves me feeling very satisfied until lunch time.
The weather has been so beautiful so the girls and I have a had a few different picnics out at parks. When we have those I pack food for us which usually includes a few different kinds of proteins (meats), veggies (carrots, tomatoes), a little fruit (strawberries) and some olives. Over the weekend W and I took the kids to another park and picnic and he packed our lunch. We had grilled veggie kabobs, sausage, and apples. It was very delicious and much better than picking up fast food or having sandwiches. 

On Monday Mess asked if I would take her to the mall so she could spend some of her money she's saved up on new clothes. Per her request we went to Justice. I personally am not a huge fan of the store, it's so very overpriced, but she loves it. We also had to run a couple of other errands. While we were we decided to grab lunch. Thanks to other Whole30er's on instagram I knew I could eat at Chipotle with still being whole30 compliant. I had one of their bowls with the pork, guacamole, salsa, and lettuce. 

On of my FAVORITE meals so far is one I've had a few times. It's basically a taco salad without a shell or beans. I make my own taco seasoning (chili powder, ground cumin, sage, garlic powder, crushed red pepper, salt and pepper) and use grass fed ground beef. That is on top of organic romaine lettuce, and I add a little sweet potatoes, avocados, local salsa, tomatoes, mango and a touch of mango. 

Taco Salad
Yesterday we had a girls day with a couple of my cousins. I'm so into my Whole30 that I brought food over there to chop and cook! Here is my lunch from yesterday: 

Before we headed to my cousins house we threw dinner in the crock-pot. I know it sounds funny to love something other than a person close to you but I do love crock-pot meals. So easy! So simple! Last nights dinner was from my emeals paleo menu. It was beef carnitas with cilantro cauliflower rice. We had it with a little avocado and tomato. It was very easy to make the cauliflower rice, although I wish I had a food processor instead of a blender, which would have made it even simpler. Little Love is starting to slowly warm up to new foods. She ate this beef carnitas up quickly. 

Beef Carnitas with Cauliflower "rice"

You're not suppose to weigh during your Whole30 because it's not a weight loss plan. However, I knew I felt like I'd lost some weight and just had to weigh myself this morning and remeasure myself. I've lost over 4 pounds in 10 days and have lost over 5 inches on my body, 2 of those on my hips. I've never felt so good. My back and hip pains are pretty much nonexistent. I don't feel bloated and disgusting when I go to bed or wake up. I feel amazing. Absolutely amazing. 

The Lord loves us all and sends us in the directions
we're meant to go. He's blessed me with the Whole30.

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