Friday, April 19, 2013

twenty one.

I am truly one of the luckiest women in the world. Last night, after dinner, W went to the grocery store for us. We still had food but nothing really for breakfast the next day. He's been trying to follow the Whole30 with me and even went so far to go upstairs and look up paleo information. He didn't know all the rules of the Whole30 but even still he only brought home 3 things I can't eat! He is such a magnificent husband. He does little things like that for me all the time. It makes every day special instead of him waiting around for an anniversary or holiday. I am a blessed woman.

The three things he bought that I cannot eat during the Whole30 are bacon, corn and honey.  It's that time of year where we like to grill out most nights and grilling corn is one of our favorite side dishes. However, corn is considered a grain and not a vegetable. The bacon I can't have because it has sugar in it! Sugar and soy are lurking everywhere. When we go paleo, which I hope we all will continue with, we can have honey. However, during your Whole30 you're to give up all sugars, even natural ones. 

I think he and the girls are finding the Whole30 a lot harder than I am. Last night W confided in me that he's hungry all the time. He's been taking his lunch but I don't think he's eating enough protein. I've gotten up and made him breakfast two times this week and I think that's helping hold him over until lunch. He's at work for 5 hours before lunch time even rolls around. When eating breakfast at 5:45 am it's got to be hardy. He said it's hard eating lunch at 11 or Noon and then not eating until 6 or later. So, we'll work on figuring out what else he should/could take for lunch. I'm determined to help make our family not only feel healthier but BE healthier.

I believe this is the way God intended us to eat. American diets are so full of man made foods and it's doing nothing good for our bodies. Now, I'm not saying I don't like some of those man made or man made enhanced foods because I do. However, I really feel God put this book and program in front of me for a reason. 
I've struggled with losing weight for years. After three babies it can do a lot to your body and system. I've limited calories, counted calories, fats, points, you name it I've done it. Nothing worked. Ever. I'd lose some weight for a little while and then cravings would sink back in, in an almost subliminal way. 
This morning I did have a craving for bacon but held off because if you cheat on the Whole30, even one bite, you have to start all over. And really my craving was so small it was easy to ignore. When W had a late night snack of a banana, nuts and honey I didn't want any. "Oh, I'm feeling deprived and really want a dessert,'' thought didn't even enter my mind. 

I've been incredibly inspired by many Paleo Foodies on insagram and seeing their Whole30 progress and lives afterwards makes me want to stick with this for good. Now, I do get to reintroduce foods, like dairy, once the 30 days is up. I'll judge and see how my body handles the "forbidden" foods and see if I'd like to incorporate them every now and then into my diet. 
I know God is with me during this time and I couldn't do it without our Lord. 

Cooking breakfast
The hardest part of the program might be all the cleaning of the kitchen

sweet potato hash browns
chicken & apple sausage
organic zucchini
Kids' breakfast serving
 My breakfast was the same just a little larger with 2 eggs.
This is the first time I've ever made sweet potato hash browns.
They didn't turn out very pretty but they were delicious! 
Little Love still unhappy about no carbs
It took her 2 hours but she ate it all
Comments: Very delicious! The big girls and I really enjoyed it. 
The servings held us over until about 12:30 when we were ready for lunch. 
Organic ground beef with homemade taco seasoning 
organic romaine lettuce, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes
homemade guacamole 
Whole30 compliant local salsa 

Comments:  This was a REALLY good lunch! Little Love was 
as stubborn as usual and didn't eat a bite even though she loves
salad and taco meat. The girls and I were held over 
until dinner time at 6:30. Very fast to make and could easily be
 made a head of time to take for lunch.
Paleo pot roast 
(seasoned with salt, pepper & italian seasonings
with heirloom carrots, organic celery, onions
 beef stock -which was kinda hard to find for 
Whole30 compliant)
Mashed sweet potatoes with a little coconut milk to whip them up
steamed cauilflower
sauteed organic heirloom carrots

Comments: I wasn't starving and didn't finish all of my dinner even though it was really delicious.
 My body is learning how to communicate again and I'm loving it! 
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  1. inspired by your new "lifestyle" choice (prefer that to "diet"). i am eating very similarly these days despite my brain still wanting to go back to being a vegetarian. i don't want to eat meat every day but when i do it's grass fed or pastured or wild alaskan salmond. "clean" meat if you will. i am trying to build muscle tone and lose fat if not weight so i'm also eliminating about 80 percent of the gluten-containing stuff like bagels from my diet. trying to keep the dairy low-fat but it IS a good way to get calcium and even lose fat weight. best wishes to you VRae you've always been committed to the healthiest you since i've known you. i will be following your journey. xo

    1. thanks! I'm loving this new lifestyle. I wish the girls (and Willard) would have stuck with it a little longer but their cravings were too strong. My body has never felt more amazing. I wake up and get out of bed and no pain! That's pretty much never happened to me.

      On the dairy you should maybe eat the full fat. Anything low fat really isn't good for our bodies especially if you're eating grass-fed dairy items.

      And I know you've struggled with eating meat and you can do a paleo kind of lifestyle, or at least a Whole30 being a vegetarian. I find most vegetarians eat a lot of pastas, breads, and grains which are so bad for our bodies. Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone and finding what makes your body respond. :)