Saturday, November 16, 2013

twenty five.

We are closing in on Blueberry's due date. Our official due date is December 31st, but babies come when they're ready. In all honesty this mama is ready. It'd be super nice if Blueberry decided to make his/her appearance in December and not January. Everything about this pregnancy has been different and that's leading all of us to believe this baby will be a boy. If we were placing bets that'd be the route most people would go. That is most people except Little Love. She is faithfully proclaiming this baby to be a girl because as she states, "I want another sister." Little Love promises that if Blueberry is a boy she'll still be nice and sweet. She says she can't wait to sing and hold the baby. I strongly believe she'll make a wonderful big sister. The two older girls are adamant that Blueberry is a boy. However, that's probably mostly wishful thinking on their part. They love each other very much, and Little Love too, but they're desperately wanting a baby brother. 

W and I know that the sex of this baby doesn't matter. We know that God has big plans for this unborn child. We feel so strongly in this because we knew about this baby in October of last year. He had given me (the mrs) a vision of this baby. I awoke with my heart pounding