Monday, April 15, 2013


I, The Mrs, have started healing my body with the Whole30. I've read the book It Starts With Food and was fascinated by all the "science-y" (as they call it) information it held. Doing a Whole30 is not about weight loss. It's not another diet trend... It IS about healing your body from the inside out. If you're interested in more information, please, pick up or order a copy of the book. They even have a discounted Kindle version, it's the one I read, which also makes it easy to bookmark and highlight sections. 
The basics are this: 
Not only have I started doing this but I've also started our whole family in on it. Granted, they won't probably do the program as true as I will however, they will still be eating most of the same foods as me. I refuse to make different meals for our family and I know they'll all benefit from even slight changes. 
Some of this will be no problem for me to give up for 30 days, for instance, alcohol. I don't drink very often so I can abstain from alcohol for 30 days. Another is beans, or legumes. I don't eat those often although giving peanut butter will be extremely hard for Little Love. For W it'll be giving up bread, rice, pasta, and cheese. I will admit that giving up butter, if I can't find any grass-fed clarified butter, and cheese will be the hardest for me. Now with soy I'll admit I had NO idea it was in so much stuff, like canned tuna! It's everywhere! We didn't buy much processed food to begin with but even little things you don't think of contain soy, or dairy, as anyone with allergies to those would know. 
I'm hoping on this program that my aches and pains will diminish as the internal inflammation goes down. I'm also hoping that Mess's allergies and eczema will decrease. 
Would you like to join us?! You can follow us here and also on instagram: @mrs_willard or hashtag (#) hellothemessWHOLE30 (#hellothemessWHOLE30)
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