Thursday, November 1, 2012


Do you have a giant dream that you wish with all your heart could or would come true? 
What is your one big dream? 

 My one big dream comes to mind quite often. I often daydream about how we could actually make it happen. My biggest dream is to sell nearly everything we own and travel. I want to see more of the United States; to see other countries. How amazing it would be to enrich the girls’ lives by seeing in person the way others live and to see how beautiful and vast the world is. We can read books and look at an atlas all day long but that would never compare to actually seeing the world. When I think about what’s holding us back it’s really only a couple things. How would we pay to live on the road? How could we afford gas, food, etc? How would it affect the big girls’ almost nonexistent schedule with their bio-dad? At least that is an almost easy one to answer: be back to Texas for their birthdays and holiday season, and a few weeks during the summer. So, after thinking that out I suppose it’s nearly a non-issue. The other questions are much harder to answer.

I follow a family of unschoolers on Facebook who do just that.
They travel around in a converted school bus. Apparently they make their money doing odds and ends type jobs, speaking engagements and I believe the wife makes money writing occasionally. Seeing something like that from afar looks enticing, but in reality is it as easy as it seems? I think of the pure happiness of being around my husband and children day in and day out; living a small, simple life. What would it be like living a life of going at our own pace, taking the girls to see God’s beauty throughout our nation, taking one day at a time?

If that one big dream couldn’t work out then the next one I have is to live on a small farm, growing our own food, far away from society. I’d become a doula and then eventually a midwife. We’d still homeschool our girls and W would do….I don’t know… something more rewarding than he does now. Now this second dream sounds a little harder to accomplish to me because, well, I have no green thumb and I’m not sure how I'd grow our food. HA!

If you feel so inclined I would really love to hear your dreams…. Perhaps we can pray for each other’s deepest dreams to come true.

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