Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Oh, my, how I wish I had an extra $100! This food processor is on sale from $180 to $99! 
We have a blender which hasn't been working very well lately. I do a lot of chopping by hand and it would be great to have a helper like this instead of the tiny hands that try to intercede and "help" most of the time. Don't get me wrong... it's nice that the girls want to help chop and cook and I know it's also very educational. However, sometimes a mom needs less hands in the kitchen when her sanity for the day is wavering. My birthday AND mother's day is coming up if anyone is feeling generous! In fact, I discovered when I made our Whole30 board that my last day of the Whole30 is on my birthday!! 
Little Love put herself down for a nap
after crying about not getting donuts

"monkey salad
organic baby greens sauteed in olive oil then
scrambled with eggs
Comments: Breakfast held me over much better today
than yesterday. Little Love put up a fight and didn't eat
a bit since it wasn't what she wanted (donuts)

organic baby greens topped with slow simmered beef in 
whole30 compliant local salsa  
topped with leftover homemade mango salsa
Comments: Delicious and held me through until dinner

grilled pork chops 
sweet potatoes and pears sauteed with coconut oil 
flavored with curry and thyme
steamed organic broccoli
Comments: We ate 2 hours before bedtime and I felt great after eating. 
This is a dinner that we'd normally eat even if we weren't doing the Whole30

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