Thursday, December 6, 2012


It has been a whirlwind of a month! We had Mess's birthday party, our 5 year wedding anniversary, Thanksgiving followed by a weekend of holiday activities.

In mid-November Mess turned 11 years old. The day before her birthday she decided now that she was going to be 11 she was “too old” to share a room with her sisters. So, before her friends came over for her party we moved her across the hall from her sisters into her own room, again. She seems to be happy there...although she will admit, occasionally, to miss sleeping in a room with her sisters. For the 3 of them it seems to be a comfort thing. In fact, today, they all three were begging for me to let them all share a room with W and I. I about laughed my butt off followed with a big “NO WAY!” Sweet thought and I'm glad they love us that much, however, they're crazy if they think that'll ever happen.
Mess's new room
Mess wanted to camp out in the backyard with her friends for her birthday.
It ended up being too cold that night so W brought the outdoors in with a giant camo net and lights from work. He originally wanted to hang the camo netting around the living room but it was to heavy to hang without putting nails or such in the ceiling. It looked awesome and the kids thought it was the coolest thing. I guess it helps to have a dad who can bring home professional lights from work.

Birthday sewing lessons with Aunt Alice
Finished product - a pillow for her room!
Four days after Mess's birthday is our anniversary. This year we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! I cannot believe it's been 5 years already. I still feel as if we're in our honeymoon years. I am a very blessed woman.... We celebrated this year by a low key evening out. We went to the Chinese Lantern Festival in Dallas ( if you haven't gone you should! I've even seen groupons for it now). Afterward we went to Deep Sushi and spent a few hours sitting at the sushi bar devouring delicious food. It was a very nice, very relaxing, understated evening; just the way we like it.

Thanksgiving began with the Fort Worth Turkey Trot. I haven't done any kind of race since The Warrior Dash in April. I finished the 5k with a numb foot/toes but I can say I at least finished even though I am no runner. The rest of the day was enjoyed out at the farm with family. The weather was beautiful! We spent that week/weekend hiking around the farm, going to Fort Worth to see the Parade of Lights and Christmas tree lighting. That next night, Saturday, we took all the girls to see Disney on Ice. The three of them loved the show and even got to have a meet and greet with the Princesses!! Little Love, who is obsessed with princesses, was stunned into silence when she met them, especially Rapunzel. It was a fun and much needed family day together with just the five of us.


Uh oh! Lots of leaves in the pool
Georgia is clearly having a great time

By far the biggest and BEST thing that's happened lately is that on December 1st, W, myself, Mess and Big Mak were all baptized. Becoming a Christian is the best thing that's ever happened to any of us. We love our church and on the same day as our baptism we became members of Gateway. Our family is changing in ways we never dreamed possible. We are extremely blessed.

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