Monday, September 17, 2012


Our favorite day of the week in this family is Sunday. God has done an amazing job of having W home on Sunday's since we started regularly attending church. If you know anything about W's schedule you'll understand how awesome it is that he's home to enjoy church with us girls. We have found a church home that we love... It lifts our spirits every Sunday and leaves us wanting more of God and His Word. I love getting up before the kids in the morning and spending some quiet time reading daily devotionals. When W is home we'll sometimes go sit out back together before the girls are up and we'll pray together or just sit and read our bibles in silence. I will happily admit that our faith has brought us closer than we ever thought possible. I never knew it was possible to love my husband more than I already did but God has shown be otherwise. Our relationship is not only growing in Christ but it's also growing with each other and our children.
Yesterday we began our Sunday like most other Sunday's... me scrambling around thinking I have plenty of time to get myself and three girls looking presentable. Ha! I never seem to have enough time. W is helpful but there's only so much a guy can do to help girls. He would do their hair when they were little but the older they get the more they want me to do it or try and fix it themselves. Since Mess is 10 she can pretty much get herself ready, however, yesterday she asked if she could do a little makeup! Wow, is she growing up or what?! I just hope this doesn't become a regular request quite yet. She did ask me to do her eyeliner and mascara. I couldn't deny her sweet, eye-batting request. So there I was worrying about being late to church and taking 2 minutes to get her eyeliner and mascara put on her pretty blue eyes. Those 2 minutes might have allowed us to get to church in perfecting timing, where we aren't walking in during the first song, but I know those 2 minutes meant much more to Mess. Those 2 minutes might be something she'll remember forever and that is what life is about. Yesterday was also the first day that Little Love walked into her class like the big girl she is! There were no tears... no wailing for mom and dad, just a quick hug and kiss goodbye. W and I were so happy for her! She has told us the last few weeks when she leaves "her church" that she is happy but would still cry when we dropped her off. 

Once a month the church in Southlake holds a Habitation service. W and I said we'd like to go to this one since we hadn't been to one before. We met up before the service with a sweet couple who also attend Gateway and let the kids play while we all had a coffee and chatted. The Southlake campus is incredible. The girls played in their play area until Little Love came out to us and announced she was ready to go to "her church." Well, who's going to say no to that after she's had a hard time adjusting to being in her class. So she and the little girl who belongs to the couple we met up with went into their class. Big Mak and Mess joined the adults for the Habitation service. What a wonderful, Godly lesson they learned last night! Last night's Habitation was about giving and receiving. After a few upbeat worship songs and a short message everyone was asked who had a need for $2,000 or more. You could see some people were reluctant to stand. How intimidating! We were all lead in another worship song and were asked to pray. To pray and ask God if we were suppose to give that night or receive, and if we received an answer we were suppose to ask who we should give to. The instant I looked up there was a woman down a row in a purple shirt who looked to be just a few years older than W and I. I knew instantly, without any doubt, that we were suppose to give to her. W and I do not have a lot of money. There are months where things can get very hard, but I also know that we have much more than some others. The amount God told me to give her probably wouldn't have scratched the surface of her need but He also knew that we could afford the amount, so I asked W for the money - we never have cash - and went to her in line. Mess asked to join me and we went up to her with tears in our eyes and said, "Excuse us Miss, but God spoke to us and we want to give to you. We do not know what you're going through and we don't have much to give but what little we can give we want to give to you." She looked completely shocked and utterly thankful as she thanked us and gave Mess and I a hug. Later W asked why her and I told him that God spoke it to me. Mess was also given a Word by a sweet young man. He tapped her on the shoulder and asked how old she was and if she went to Mix 56 (the 5th and 6th grade group). She said no that we go to the Frisco campus and he told her that he felt the need to come and tell her that God is thinking of her and that He knows she'll achieve great things, bigger things that she could imagine and then gave her a little money. To see Mess light up the way she did when she heard that God was thinking of her! When we left and got home later that night Mess told me that she has never felt happier. I've been praying for her after last week, it was a tough week for us, and I know He answered prayer that night not only for Mess but for so many people in need. There were people there who gave cars to strangers in need, a couple who had a rental house they wanted to allow someone to live in, people who need thousands of dollars and before they could even get to the front to be prayed over their needs had been met plus more. I was truly inspired and I'm pretty certain I didn't stop crying. What a wonderful God we have. 
If you're reading this and would like to attend church with us, either in Frisco or Southlake, please let W or myself know. We'd love to spread the Word of God and hope that everyone can have this feeling of joy in a world that is filled with troubles. 
Oh, and PS, Mess asked if she could be baptized. As parents W and I grinned ear to ear with the answer of "Yes, of course!" She asked if she could do it the same time W and I plan to be water baptized which made us feel even more joy. We will let family and friends know when we plan to do it. 
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  1. Love this!!! I love watching the habitation live stream, amazing every time!! So excited that you guys were called to give, such a great feeling, and so amazing to see God working right before your eyes!!

    1. Thanks Brittany... it really is amazing to see God work right there in front of you.

      Madison already marked down the next habitation service on her calendar and can't wait to attend. It was truly amazing.