Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Mess is nearly another year closer to being a teenager; she turns 11 in November. How time flies!! People say all the time how the older you get the faster time goes. Not to sound like a cliche but time does seem to go faster the older I get. It seems like yesterday I was a scared and nervous 20 year old about to give birth for the first time and now I have a preteen. God knew what He was doing when He blessed me with Mess, my first beautiful daughter.

As of late Mess has started thinking of her birthday party. She has been giving me ideas and asking questions here and there about what would be okay and not okay. She worries about how much money things cost, and how many friends she can invite. I love seeing the ideas she has and all the questions she asks when deciding if it'll be a good plan. She has been having such fun with the ideas that I think I'm going to turn all of this party planning into a math lesson. What I'm going to do is give her a budget to work within, say $150. From there I'm going to let her do her own researching into planning her party. She has a pinterest account and has been finding ideas there. I'll have her make lists of what she wants and/or thinks she wants and then let her search out the costs of everything. Mess does have a pretty good understanding of money so this should be a beneficial and fun math learning lesson for her.

Mess recently hit her Mimi and Papaw up for her dream birthday presents. Starting earlier this year she has developed an interest in archery. Since Papaw has always had a love for bow hunting she specifically asked him for a bow and arrow set. He told her he would see what he could find. As for what she asked Mimi for, that'd be a new pair of roller blades. She can't seem to stay off her current pair which are getting to small. She crashed and burned a few weeks ago pretty badly leaving a road rash on her thigh and big scrap on her knee. It's looking like she might have a scar where the road rash was. It was a pretty big spill but she got back on them the next day and hasn't slowed down since. It's cute to see what inspires her. She use to skate here and there a little at time until she watched the move Whip It. It's a cute movie based on a roller derby team in Austin. She LOVED the movie so much she watched it 2 days in a row. The next day she told W and I she wanted to be on a roller derby team and was going to learn how to skate better. We don't have any regular skates that fit her so she started with her roller blades. W told her we'd look into some teams around the area and try to take her to a game.

This "little" girl lights up my life on a daily basis. I'm thrilled that she is now home every day. I love getting to love on her as much as she wants while she still actually wants hugs and kisses from her mama. All too soon she'll be grown.

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